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Universal use Mixed Mode HPLC phases & columns

Universal use Mixed Mode HPLC phases & columns

High purity RP-HPLC columns for quality and price sensitive chromatographers (AppliChrom OTU LipoMare C18). This HPLC column was developed for price sensitive HPLC users at universities and research institutions who also have high demands on quality, usability and stability.

High purity RP-HPLC columns

AppliChrom(R) OTU LipoMare C8 and C18 columns (mixed mode) and

AppliChrom(R) OTU TriKalaC8 and C18 columns (high density loading)


Alcaloids and purins:

Download HPLC application alcaloids and purins (German PDF)


Download HPLC application neurotransmitters (German PDF)

Overview and ordering information

Download product overview and ordering information (PDF)